Smart thermostats have been around a little more than a decade and you may be wondering if it is time to buy one.

A smart thermostat takes outside information to help run your HVAC system more efficiently, and even provide additional protections to keep you and your home safe.

Putting the Smart in Smart Thermostat to Help Save You Money

Smart thermostats like Google’s Nest and Honeywell’s Home Thermostat learn and adapt to your schedule automatically to help save on heating and cooling costs. They even show you how energy is being used and sends tips on how to save more.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling your home makes up around half of your home’s total energy expense. If you aren’t programming your thermostat properly, you could be spending more than is necessary on heating and cooling your home when no one is home, or everyone is asleep.

Climate Control from Your Phone

Smart thermostats can be controlled from anywhere your phone has service. From the comfort of your bedroom, to a hotel suite on vacation, and everywhere in between, controlling the temperature in your home is just a few taps away.

More Than A Thermostat to Help Protect You and Your Home

Some smart thermostats will let you know if something is wrong by sending a message to your phone. You might not notice low temperatures capable of freezing pipes or a malfunctioning furnace when you’re out of the house for a few days, but your smart thermostat will alert you.

Some smart thermostats can connect to your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If the smoke alarm sounds, the thermostat will shut down the entire HVAC system. If the carbon monoxide detector goes off, the thermostat will shut down the heating system.

Automated Reminders

A smart thermostat can be programmed to remind you when it is time to change your air filter to keep the air in your home healthy. You can also program the thermostat to send you notifications, including when your heating and cooling system needs maintenance. This can also be done by many “dumb” thermostats.

Convenient but Not Necessary

Smart thermostats have a lot to offer but when it comes down to it, not every home needs one. Most programable thermostats work fine and do the job of controlling the temperature in your home.

If you don’t mind learning how to use technology, smart thermostats can make your life a bit easier and maybe save you a few dollars. Even if all you want to do is change the temperature without getting off the couch.

Most smart thermostats are easy to install, but that doesn’t mean you should buy and install the first one you see. Spend some time to understand their available features as well as the needs of your family and consider having a professional install it. We’re also available to answer your questions and help you determine which thermostat is best for your home. Give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to help.

— Dirk