Dirk Roper, owner and CEO of Roper’s Heating and Air Conditioning, pulled up to the Carson City Senior Center with a pallet full of 50 brand new fans to donate as part of the KOLOCares 2023 Fan Drive to help Carson City seniors stay cool this summer.

Over the past four years, Roper’s has donated nearly 400 new fans to the Senior Center for distribution to local seniors. Last year, Roper donated a total of 189 fans. Now, Roper and the Senior Center are asking the community to join him in helping Carson City seniors to beat the summer heat.

“While we’re grateful to receive these generous donations, it’s community support we need to get the number of fans needed for our seniors,” Michael Salogga, business manager for the Carson City Senior Center, said.

This year, donating a fan is easier than ever with the option to donate $25 on the Carson City Senior Center website (https://bit.ly/fandrivedonation) that will go directly towards purchasing a fan for a senior. You may also add a box fan to any Walmart grocery pick-up or delivery, cutting the work of purchasing a fan in half.

Fans may also be picked up by a Roper’s service technician during a service call or dropped by the Roper’s office at 2062 S. Edmonds Drive in Carson City, or the Carson City Senior Center between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 911 Beverly Drive.

“Our hottest months are upon us,” Roper said. “For our seniors who may not have air conditioning, a fan can move air around and create a cooling effect. Seniors are extremely sensitive to excessive heat and a fan can make a big difference in their health and welfare this summer.”

Seniors aged 60 or older are eligible to receive a new fan from the Carson City Senior Center

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Roper’s HVAC delivers 50 new cooling fans for Carson City seniors