In the Nevada desert, heating and air conditioning aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity! Roper’s Heating and Air Conditioning understands that and offers financing options through Wells Fargo Financial Retail Services.

As a partner of Bryant, Wells Fargo offers financing options for a new Bryant heating, ventilation, or air conditioning product or system. A comfortable home should never be out of reach, so don’t let an unexpected heating or cooling need break your budget.

How it works –

  1. When you apply for our financing terms, you are applying for a revolving line of credit for purchases with Bryant in the form of a credit card that is specific to purchases with the Bryant heating and cooling systems financing program.
  2. Each month a billing statement will be sent directly to you requiring a minimum monthly payment until the charges are paid in full.
  3. When payment is made on the balance owed, more credit becomes available, allowing for additional purchases to be made in the future. There’s no prepayment penalty and no service fees associated with the card.

How to apply:

It’s easy to apply! After we’ve quoted your new system, you’ll fill in the information, sign, and date the application online. 

Our digital, paperless process is called Wells Fargo Credit Connect. It’s easy to apply and you’ll have a response quickly, allowing you to use your credit line immediately. You’ll receive your card in the mail within 7-10 days.

When you make a purchase on your card, the amount of purchase is held on the card, but charges are not completed until the installation is complete.

Customer service is available seven days a week (except for a few holidays!)

Damaged credit?:

We offer a unique lease-purchase option to help you replace your heating and cooling system. The process is similar – fill out the application and wait for your notification of approval through Microf.