As we enter the scorching heat of northern Nevada summer, Carson City seniors are particularly vulnerable to heat related injury.

Roper’s Heating and Air Conditioning is seeking donations of brand new, in-the-box fans for Carson City seniors during the annual KOLOCares Fan Drive to help provide relief.

According to KOLO, over 600 fans were donated last year in total. With your help, that number can increase substantially to support our Carson City seniors in need.

This is our third year collecting fans for the Carson City Senior Center. Roper’s has donated more than 45 new fans to the Senior Center for distribution to local seniors over the past two years, contributing significantly to more than 200 fans donated by the community in Carson City alone.

Unfortunately, the reality is many seniors are unable to afford fans, let alone air conditioning. We’ve been successful the last few years in helping seniors stay cool during the hot summer but the annual campaign to beat the heat never ends.

Air moving makes you feel cooler, and actually can cool your body temperature a little bit. Even a simple box fan can move air around and create that cooling effect. Seniors are extremely sensitive to excessive heat and a fan can make a difference in their health and welfare this summer.

People aged 60 or older are eligible to receive a new fan, with priority given to seniors without air conditioning and those who have not previously participated in the program.

The fans may be dropped by the Roper’s office, located at 2062 S. Edmonds Drive in Carson City or picked up by a Roper’s service technician during a service call. Fans may also be dropped off at the Carson City Senior Center between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 911 Beverly Drive.

Ensuring home comfort is my number one priority within our Carson City community and surrounding areas. Joining efforts with KOLOCares to ensure seniors can feel a little bit more comfortable this summer is a no-brainer. Together, we can help beat the heat with one new fan donation at a time.