Preventative care is better than an emergency room visit.

Should you have annual maintenance service on your air conditioner? In a word, yes. Here are my top reasons why.

Improved reliability

Improved reliability, lower energy bills, longer life are reasons why annual maintenance is a must.

You will be less likely to suffer the inconvenience of a system breakdown. A system that is running well doesn’t have to work as hard and is more likely to keep running. Instead of replacing parts when they fail, you can replace them at your convenience.

Repairs that are less costly

Often parts fail over a period of time, from a few minutes to many weeks. Parts that are failing can increase stress on other parts, causing them to fail too.

It’s important for your service professional to look at the whole system. A part may have failed on its own, but it may also have failed because another part is failing. You pay less when you make repairs before they fail, and cause others to fail too.

Lower energy bills

A well-running system uses less energy to do the same amount of work. This savings will help to offset the cost of maintenance.

Longer equipment life

A well-running system will last longer. This spreads the cost of the system over more years, lowering the annual cost.

Safer, healthier indoor environment

Replacing filters and cleaning indoor equipment makes your indoor environment cleaner and healthier. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming blog post on ways that a properly running system is safer.

Warranty protection

Most major equipment manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep your warranty in effect.

Planned replacement

Your service professional will be able to inform you as your system nears the end of its useful life. You can be in control and replace your equipment at your convenience, instead of having to make a crisis replacement. You can choose the replacement system that’s exactly what you want, and not whatever happens to be available during an emergency.

Take control of your health, your safety, and your home comfort by investing in the proper care of your equipment.