Well, you may be stuck at home for now and looking for a good home improvement project. What better time to get your HVAC system ready to rock and roll for summer than while you’ve got time on your hands. Believe it or not, prepping your HVAC system doesn’t just begin or end with your system.


Dust mites and allergens gather in bedclothes, furniture and window coverings. Start by washing your window coverings and all bed linens. Machine wash throw pillows and hang dry and fluff in the dryer on low heat, if appropriate. Dust furniture, lamps and artwork. Then, thoroughly vacuum or sweep. Get behind furniture, use the attachments on your vacuum to get between the cushions and to go around baseboards.


Grout has pores, like your skin does, so it can trap dirt, dust and mold. The internet offers a myriad of ways to clean your grout – do your research and get it done!


Have you ever stood on a chair and looked at the tops of your ceiling fan blades? Yuck. It’s a good place for dust to gather, so clean them at least once a year.

Also – turn off power to your bathrooms, remove the covers of your bathroom exhaust fans and clean them in warm soapy water, don’t forget the fan blades.

These measures will reduce the dust in the air and improve your indoor air quality. And while you’re at it, check out the tops of your kitchen cabinets. They probably need your attention too.


And doors. Caulk around the edges of your windows and doors each year to reduce drafts in the winter and hot air leaks in the summer. This also helps to keep out dust and dirt.

Dryer vents

Remove lint from your dryer vent by removing the dryer vent and pulling out any lint and build up. This removes additional particulates floating around in the air, and could prevent a dryer fire. Be sure you’ve turned off the power to the dryer before disconnecting the vent.

Finally, your HVAC system

Clear out any debris, weeds and other foliage from around your air conditioner outside. Clean off any debris collected on the top or sides to improve airflow and efficiency. Check the drainage hole beneath the evaporator fins to ensure proper drainage.

Then, change your filter in your HVAC system. A dirty filter can recirculate dust mites, pollens and other allergens throughout your house, undoing all that dusting you just did.

Last but not least, schedule your seasonal HVAC system maintenance. Spring is a great time to call for service before the heatwave begins and we start running summer service calls.

Home maintenance is considered an essential service, and so we are here for you throughout these uncertain times. Stay safe and stay clean!