It’s a funny weather time of year, and we never know if it’s going to be broiling hot or snowing. This week is a great example. Highways were chain controlled over the summits due to a late spring snowstorm, the valleys were windy with rain showers, and by next week, it will be pushing 90 degrees.

So, while you may not be thinking about your air conditioner today, in six days, you will be. May is a great time of year to prep your AC for summer. Here’s why:

Energy Bills

A system that’s not operating at its fullest efficiency can burn up to 30% more energy. That means your power bill can rise throughout these coming months when we will be fondly remembering those days in May when it was only pushing 90.

Wear and Tear

Your AC unit may cycle on and off, on and off throughout the day. Some of that is ok, but during the dog days of summer, your system should run fairly consistently. If it can’t keep up with the thermostat, or if it’s cycling too often, it could wear out your unit. A trained technician can evaluate your system to help ensure you won’t suffer some catastrophic mechanical failure when you need it most.

Air Quality

Ok – all together now: Change your filters! It is the one thing, the least expensive thing, you can do for your HVAC system, and the thing we talk about the most. Keeping filters clean and free from dust and debris during months of heavy use will help your system last longer and operate more efficiently and remove particulates – dirt, allergens, and other nasty stuff – from your indoor air.

Peak Efficiency

To keep your AC running right, annual service on your AC will keep it running at peak efficiency. Regularly scheduled maintenance will improve reliability, lower your energy bills, result in fewer costly repairs, help your equipment last longer and provide a safer, healthier indoor environment.

Reduce the likelihood of major repairs down the road

You called your trusty technician and he’s recommended repairs. Do it. For the life of your equipment, make the repairs.

Hiring a skilled, professional service company to fix your equipment will reduce the cost of a crisis later on. AC professionals are trained in the ways of AC equipment and will make repairs properly in less time than hiring a handyman or trying to figure it out yourself.

Making a mistake or ignoring the warning signs could lead to unpleasant consequences. Find a company whose technicians gain new techniques and knowledge to keep up with an evolving industry. Bonded, licensed and insured contractors remove the risk from you and take it on themselves.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?